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A BROAD projektről

hírek 2010-08-31 | Eötvös Károly Intézet Fb Sharing

BROAD: Broadening the Range Of Awareness in Data protection (2009-2010)

Broadening the Range Of Awareness in Data protection (BROAD) was a collaborative effort of Hungarian and Dutch not-for-profit organizations, to raise awareness in the area of data protection and information privacy by using innovative means and methods. The three action areas of BROAD were:

  • surveying target groups and feeding back the results to professional and common knowledge [see Ivan Szekely, "What Do IT Professionals Think About Surveillance?" In Christian Fuchs, Kees Boersma, Anders Albrechtslund and Marisol Sandoval (eds.), Internet and Surveillance. The Challenge of Web 2.0 and Social Media, New York: Routledge 2011, pp. 198-219, ISBN 978-0-415-89160-8.];
  • establishing an internet forum in the intersection of IT and privacy (see International PET Portal and Blog); and
  • producing and disseminating professional and amateur creative products, such as videoclips and “positive clichés”.

The project started officially on 1st of January 2009 and ended on 31st of August 2010. The BROAD project was funded jointly by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission and the consortium member institutions.

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