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Fight for university autonomy: what is the message of the resistance of SZFE citizens? (+infographic)

analysis 2020-12-15 | Fb Sharing

A constitutional analysis of the fight for autonomy of the University for Theatre and Film Arts Budapest (SZFE)

The study prepared by Eötvös Károly Institute provides an analysis of the newest chapters of a series of government attacks on university autonomy in Hungary, with special attention to the issue of the government invasion, disguised as privatization, of the University for Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE), concerning which, in addition to the assessment of the most relevant legal aspects, it aims to identify the most important conditions and factors – both within and without the university community – of the unprecedented resistance that has formed against the power’s intervention.

The analysis is available at the following link: http://ekint.org/lib/documents/1612167588-EKINT_University_autonomy_Analysis___EN.pdf

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