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standpoint 2017-05-24 | Fb Sharing

EKINT's answer to CÖF's request for data.

On 15 May the Civil Cooperation Forum, known for providing political support for the Orbán-government, requested data from EKINT about its operation and financial management. According to CÖF, based on Act XCII of 2011 on the Freedom of Information, such data are of public interest and thus should be made accessible to the public.

In its answer to CÖF, EKINT called attention to the fact that the Institute does not fall under the scope of that act, neither do the requested data. Pursuant to Article 3(5) of the Act data of public interest shall mean “information or data other than personal data, registered in any mode or form, controlled by the body or individual performing state or local government responsibilities, as well as other public tasks defined by legislation, concerning their activities or generated in the course of performing their public tasks.”

At the same time we also pointed out that EKINT’s operation is transparent and our financial reports are published on our website every year. If, however, CÖF still believes that certain of our data are of public interest, according to Article 28(3) it has to clarify its request and point out its legal basis.

In its answer EKINT also indicated the absurdity of the whole situation: it has turned out recently only due to a court decision that CÖF was given a support of 500 million HUF by MVM (Magyar Villamos Művek) – a fact that was kept hidden from the public. An organisation that hides its businesses from the public is clamouring for transparency.

24 May 2017

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