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On the attack against CEU

standpoint 2017-03-30 | Fb Sharing

EKINT's standpoint on "lex CEU".

The statement is currently available only in Hungarian. EKINT's employees have been interviewed by the New York Times regarding lex CEU and the infringement on university autonomy more generally in Hungary. The following is an extract from the NYTimes article:

“Influence in decisions on a university’s finances means indirect influence in the freedom of scientific research as well,” said Domokos Lazar, a legal expert at the Eotvos Karoly Institute, a research organization in Budapest.

Mr. Lazar said that the changes had left universities financially vulnerable and created serious concerns about educational independence among educators.

“C.E.U. has obviously no interest in undergoing such control,” said Laszlo Majtenyi, head of the Eotvos Karoly Institute, which was founded by the Soros Foundation, a major source of support for civil society organizations in the country. “That would be entirely absurd.”

The full article is available here.

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