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Guideline on reasonable calculation

standpoint 2017-03-10 | Fb Sharing

EKINT’s statement on Origo news portal’s war of numbers.

Embracing government rhetoric, Origo news portal has been keen on disclosing EKINT’s financial matters over the past week. While trumpeting their findings, they did not put much effort into calculating reasonably.

In its public benefit reports (available only in Hungarian), complying with statutory requirements, EKINT publishes year by year which foundations or organisations support its activities and projects and with what amount. In its calculations Origo did not take into account the fact that some projects last for several years and that the support of such projects appears in all relevant years, but mechanically and enthusiastically added the numbers, yielding an ostentatious result (145 million HUF by OSI from 2008 through 2015) that does not reflect the much more modest reality (57 million HUF). At the same time, it would not be devilish either if Origo’s numbers were right.

EKINT has never made secret of the fact that it was established in 2003 by the Soros Foundation and that it is supported by the Open Society Institute. It should not be surprising either that an institute that advocates the liberal concept of the rule of law is supported by a foundation that represents similar values.

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