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A footnote to the press conference of Civil Cooperation Forum

standpoint 2017-03-09 | Fb Sharing

On its press conference of 9 March the Civil Cooperation Forum (CÖF-CÖKA) expressed concern about the transparency of Eötvös Károly Institute.

Referring to the site euobserver.com, Zoltán Lomnici Jr, the spokesperson of Civil Cooperation Forum (CÖF-CÖKA)*, stated that EKINT is one of the least transparent organisations in Europe.

Unfortunately, the spokesperson failed to resort to up-to-date information. He referred to a report published by Transparify in 2015, which, as later turned out, used Google Translate when evaluating EKINT’s website and did not take into account its annual public benefit reports. Transparify has corrected its mistake since then and has awarded EKINT five stars – EKINT at present is the only organisation in Hungary that has got into the club of the most transparent organisations.

 *Civil Cooperation Forum (CÖF-CÖKA) is a Hungarian pro-government organisation that has been the organiser of the so-called Peace March demonstrations between 2012 and 2014.

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