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Did you really mean to charge these people with being left-wing liberals?

standpoint 2017-01-30 | Fb Sharing

EKINT's riposte to the article of the government-backed daily Magyar Idők.

Claiming that EKINT is a flagship organisation of the Soros Empire in Hungary, in its 30 January issue Magyar Idők intends to discredit EKINT by pointing out that the organisation attacked the National Cooperation System (i.e. Orbán Viktor’s regime) well before it was established:

“it took a left-wing liberal standpoint well before the 2010 elections and started to attack the national conservative side: it launched a series of debates entitled What is threatening the Republic?

Instead of relying simply on the title of the book, Magyar Idők should have at least looked into the volume to check whom it accuses of left-wing liberalism. The contributors of the book comprise valuable authors of all kinds of political conviction, some of whom are now sitting in their safe positions secured by the National Cooperation System and would be surprised to learn that they are being associated in any way with liberalism.

30 January 2017
Eötvös Károly Public Policy Institute

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