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A negyedik Alaptörvény-módosítás elemzése

elemzés 2013-04-11 | Eötvös Károly Intézet Fb Sharing

Angol nyelvű elemzés a negyedik Alaptörvény-módosítás szólásszabadságra gyakorolt hatásairól.

On 8 February 2013, members of the governing coalition, having two thirds of the seats in the Hungarian Parliament, submitted a proposal to amend the Fundamental Law of Hungary in force since 1 January 2012. The proposal was adopted by the Parliament as the Fourth Amendment to the Fundamental Law on 11 March 2013.2 In our opinion the Fourth Amendment undermines the rule of law in Hungary by continuing the practice of inserting provisions into the Fundamental Law, which decrease the level of the human right’s protection, violate international standards and further weakening the control exercised by the Constitutional Court over the Parliament.

The analysis can be downloaded here

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