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The list of research areas below provides information on the professional experiences of the Institute and its researchers, and signs the enthusiasm of the Institute to the values of  democracy and the rule of law.  

Democracy, rule of law, constitutionalism

Justice, judicial independence

  • Social history of judicial independence, sociology of the judiciary, administration of justice

  • Judicial branch in the system of separation of powers: relations to the executive

  • Institutions of judicial self-governance

  • The quality of justice

  • Accountability and independence

  • Research methodologies in the field of the administration of justice


  • Civic autonomies in Hungary: historical and sociological analysis

  • Professional autonomies, their functions in modern society 

Education and democracy

  • Public schools and students’ rights, learning democracy

  • Academic freedom, university autonomy

Democratic participation

Special fundamental rights issues such as

  • Freedom of expression in different contexts, press freedom, media pluralism

  • Privacy and data protection

Our researchers

Zoltán Fleck

László Majtényi

Ágnes Kovács

Virág Zsugyó

Domokos Lázár