ekint embléma

Short films on private life

2010-03-30 Fb Sharing

Short films on the protection and the violation of private life.

The videos of this DVD, made within the frameworks of a project with Central European University and the University of Tilburg, draw attention to important aspects of private life that come under threat by careless internet use.  The films can be freely used for nonprofit purposes, they can be projected in public and uploaded to other websites but the title and director shall be clearly indicated.

Directors: Péter Fazekas, Zoltán Gergely, Ádám Horgas and Gábor Rohonyi.

The movies were created with the support of the "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship" programme of the European Commission.

The following movies can be watched here in Hungarian: The Flower; Heavy Birthday; The Dream Guy; The Nail Polish and The Pizza Order.

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