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Response to Szilárd Németh

standpoint 2016-09-30 | Fb Sharing

Szilárd Németh promised to send the secret services against NGOs.

The Eötvös Károly Policy Institute's response to Szilárd Németh's promise about sending the secret services against NGOs in Hungary is the following:

“It is difficult to respond to such vicious words. We think that the National Cooperation System has entered a period of stagnation, invoking ideals less and less even within its own world, and now it gets unacceptable figures to say unacceptable sentences. Eötvös Károly Institute, which operates under extremely humble circumstances, has never uttered a word that was suggested by somebody else. We have always told what we were convinced of. It is our moral obligation to say no to the hate campaign that is almost unique in European history. If the consequence is national security screening against the Institute, let it be. We have nothing to hide.”

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