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Let MVM turn on the light!

standpoint 2017-07-12 | Fb Sharing

With its project proposal University Democracy EKINT applied for a support of 5 million HUF from the MVM Group.

In 2016 the MVM Group, which is owned exclusively by the Hungarian state, supported CÖF Civil Cooperation Forum, a government-organised non-governmental organisation, with 508 million HUF. The sum EKINT is applying for is only 1% of the support given to CÖF. In its program EKINT would like to promote the democracy education of university students.

The context of the project: current education policy

In April the government announced that it would introduce mandatory entrance exam for secondary grammar schools and would fix a maximum number of available places at secondary schools from 2019 onwards. The planned measures will definitely lead to more difficult and strict entrance exams and the obvious aim is to make grammar schools available for fewer and fewer children.

As it is well-known, through a recent modification of the higher education law, the government has put CEU, a leading university in the region, at risk in Hungary. Years earlier, it encroached upon the autonomy of Hungarian universities by introducing the consistory system into university management.

The plan is clear: the government does not want too many educated and thinking people, like grammar school students, university students, graduates particularly of CEU, founded by You-Know-Who, by now the chief enemy of the country, because these people cause problems. They think and they ask questions, whereas there is no room for questions in this regime which provides answers to its own fake questions on billboards throughout the country. The government only pretends to ask: in its national consultations it poses questions to its own pre-determined answers and then announces proudly that Hungary is a “strong and European country” – it is not worth the effort for the citizen to think too much and too deeply.

EKINT’s University Democracy project wishes to counteract the negative effects of this education policy by providing a platform and encouragement for university students to take part in public affairs and strengthen their commitment to democratic processes. The project is a follow-up on our earlier University Citizens project. Relying on the corporate social responsibility mission of MVM, EKINT would like to contribute to raising a conscious, democratic-minded future generation.

Let MVM turn on the light!

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