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Model Regulation on the University Ombudsman

analysis 2016-06-27 | Fb Sharing

The Eötvös Károly Policy Institute’s model regulation on the university ombudsman is now available for universities.

To increase and support democratic processes at the universities is one of the most important strategic tasks of higher education, the more so as it raises the quality of instruction and research. The university ombudsman has successfully promoted institutional democracy in several universities in the world. Based on the model regulation prepared by EKINT, the institutions of Hungarian higher education can establish their own ombudsman office that can provide efficient protection of the rights of students as well as all university actors.

EKINT has sent its model regulation to every higher education institution, stating that it is willing to help any university and college that wish to implement the ombudsman regulation.

The model regulation was created in the framework of the comprehensive University Citizens project launched in February 2015. The project objective was to strengthen democracy at the universities and to protect the rights of university citizens.

The Model Regulation on the University Ombudsman is available only in Hungarian.

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