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And What About the Constitution?

2004-06-30 Fb Sharing

Edited by László Majtényi and Zoltán Miklósi; Eötvös Károly Policy Institute, Budapest, 2004

Hungary’s accession to the European Union gave fresh currency to the issue of the Constitution, including the question of amendments or a new Constitution altogether. For a long time, it had seemed that nobody was really interested in this problem, while the opportunities of constitutional amendments were often exploited to advance off-the-cuff ideas. In 2003, the authors of the volume, László Majtényi and Zoltán Miklósi, organized a conference on the Constitutional Court. The heated discussion at the forum made it clear that each speaker at the conference was keenly aware of the broad social purport of the topic, and in their talks all made an effort to eschew political science jargon that would baffle outsiders. As a result, a general readership will find it easier to connect to the essays contributed by such notable professionals and politicians as László Sólyom, András Arató, László Majtényi, János Kis, Gábor Halmai, Tamás Győrfi, József Szájer, Boldizsár Nagy, Tamás Kende, Pál Sonnevend, Botond Bitskey, Péter Hack, András Sajó, György Wiener, Péter Paczola, and Ilona Kovács.

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