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Liquidation of freedom of expression and of the press as a key moment in the establishment of an authoritarian state (+infographic)

analysis 2021-01-15 | Fb Sharing

The history of the events of the establishment of the Orbán regime supports the thesis that it is not only a theoretical prerequisite that is evoked from time to time, but also an experimental fact that just as a liberal democracy cannot exist without freedom of the press, in the same way, illiberal states, authoritarian or (semi-)dictatorial regimes cannot exist, subsist without a strong restriction of the freedom of ideas, expression and the press. Although multifactorial analyses are not useless, it can be concluded that this marker alone is sufficient to classify political systems.

The study is available at the following link: http://ekint.org/lib/documents/1613467129-EKINT_Liquidation_of_Freedom_of_Expression_and_of_The_Press_The_Hungarian_Case_.pdf

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