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The universe is expanding but not in Hungary

opinion 2017-07-03 | Fb Sharing

EKINT junior researcher Emese Pásztor's opinion on the notion of the family and its politicisation

While the German Bundestag adopted the law on same-sex marriage last week, or Taiwan’s constitutional court ruled in favour of gay marriage in May, Hungary has recently hosted the World Congress of Families where it got emphasised that instead of the individual the family should be the normal basis of society and a family is constituted of a man and a woman and their children.

In Hungary the state is encroaching more and more on the private sphere. Instead of doing its duties, e.g. provide decent health care, high-quality education, independent justice administration and public safety, it enters the bedroom of its citizens. When it defines what the family is, it points out who can belong to us, thereby violating our fundamental right to define who we are. 

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