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Concentration Of Power Salvaged: Coronavirus Stocktaking (+infographic)

analysis 2020-07-30 | Fb Sharing

Assessing the Crisis Management of the Hungarian Government from the Perspective of Constitutional Law

This analysis provides an overview of the often-disputed crisis management mechanism of the System of National Cooperation and the steps aimed at the concentration of power disguised as crisis management by introducing the key legislative and consequent public law decisions. We do not formulate hypotheses or interpretations of reality but take stock of events and their consequences. The analysis reveals the actual political objectives behind the decision on the special legal order declared without any political or social discussion, the resulting series of actions, which both individually and as a group provide insights into the operation of the system and reveal its character.

The analysis is available at the following link: http://ekint.org/lib/documents/1595421967-EKINT_Concentration_of_Power_Salvaged_-_Coronavirus_Stocktaking_(analysis).pdf

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