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EKINT’s standpoint on the public deliberation of the sixth amendment of the Fundamental Law

standpoint 2016-04-08 | Fb Sharing

EKINT calls upon opposition parties to stick to public and expert deliberation before voting on the sixth amendment of the Fundamental Law.

According to the Hungarian Telegraph Bureau (MTI) the Ministry of Defence will convene the opposition party leaders on Friday to discuss the sixth amendment of the Fundamental Law on the state of terror threat. Fraction leaders are said to have received the text of the planned amendment, although it cannot be published.

In January the government classified the text of any amendment to the Fundamental Law or the State Defence Law, which is against the principles of the rule of law and a complete nonsense. Amendments of the Fundamental Law are not the internal affairs of the government or the parliamentary parties. It is the very document that should be modified only after the most extensive public and expert deliberation.

The government undermines democratic principles and expert discussion by classifying the planned amendment.

Therefore, Eötvös Károly Policy Institute calls upon the opposition parties not to participate in the parlamentary discussion and voting of this amendment before public and expert deliberation take place. Publishing the text of the amendment, information on the genuine terror threat in Hungary and the planned legal steps are the foremost preconditions of this deliberation.

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