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Fundamental rights in the jurisdictional practise of ordinary law courts (2010-2013)

news 2013-12-01 | Fb Sharing

In line with its stated objectives, the research project has yielded three intimately interrelated results.

Firstly, by processing and sorting nearly four hundred judgments of the general courts, we have created a database of fundamental-rights rulings universally accessible online. This database has not only served as a basis for the additional conclusions of the present project but will provide a valuable resource for future studies analyzing fundamental-rights rulings.

Secondly, as part of the project, we have developed and collected in a volume of studies a standardized and comprehensive set of notions and criteria for fundamental-rights ruling, based on the recently introduced central categories of “a case of fundamental rights” and “a requirement of fundamental rights,” inserting these notions and criteria in the institutional environment and sociological conditions of fundamental-rights jurisprudence.

Thirdly, building on the two aforementioned achievements of the research project, we have identified and organized those general fundamental-rights requirements that must be applied in fundamental-rights jurisdiction irrespectively of the distinctive features of each fundamental right and which will, therefore, render the abstract rules arising from the function of fundamental rights practically useful for the general courts in hearing specific cases. Our results were published in a handbook.

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