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The way out of political crisis

standpoint 2006-11-16 | Fb Sharing

The way out of political crisis.

In the history of what is known as the Third Republic in Hungary, never since the Antall-Tölgyessy Pact has the need for sensible collaboration between the government and the opposition been so pressing.

Then again, the chances to achieve that cooperation have never been so slim. And yet, the government and the opposition ought to mount a concerted effort, for the benefit of the community of voters, to set aside their differences and pave the way for a series of general and specialized political decisions, ultimately adopting the most significant of these in concord. What is called for is a covenant capable of closing down certain theaters of operation of the reigning and futile political stalemate, while preserving the political elbow room of each opponent.

The original statement is available on our Hungarian page.

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