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Guidelines on Discussing Politics at the University

analysis 2016-04-06 | Fb Sharing

EKINT’s guidelines on discussing politics at the university map the basic framework and the boundaries of talking politics at the university.

University students are not only students who go to school and learn. They are one of the most important groups of society: future decision makers and opinion leaders. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they express their opinion on public issues in a brave and responsible manner. Political discourse on public issues, including the debate on party politics with certain limitations, does have a place in university life, therefore the Eötvös Károly Policy Institute paid special attention to supporting processes in that direction through the means at its disposal.

In light of this, in April 2016 the Eötvös Károly Policy Institute published guidelines that map out the basic framework of talking politics at universities and the boundaries concerning the presence of politicians at the university.

The guidelines have been sent to every university in the country for contemplation and possible incorporation into institutional rules.

The Guidelines on Discussing Politics at the University is available only in Hungarian.

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